Complex of the Congress Center at Divčibare consists of two separated buildings connected under, over and at the ground level. Thus, circular scheme is established, connecting vertical communications. The complex, due to the described characteristics, represents unified spatial structure on every level. Accomodation segment is designed as linear form with several entrances. Natural lightening and ventilation mark walking paths, and the manner of rooms` positions, one and two rows scheme, determine dynamic change of spatial sequences. Vertical communications include separate elevators for guests and staff as well as fire staircases. Accomodation units include rooms and appartments. Auxilliary contents are located within ground floor annexes and are orientated towards central space – public park. Part of the complex containing restaurants and congress hall is designed as multistorey structure of centralised scheme. Floors are connected by fire staircases and elevators, panorama one among them, as well as representative staircase. Floor slabs are perforated in order to create visual attractive ambiencies. Vertical communications of the kitchen facility enables serving meals within the whole complex. Accomodation capacity is total of 198 rooms with 375 beds.

Total floor area is 23 000, 00 m2.

photo archive AGM

coauthors - Marjan Đulinac and Aleksandar Tomić

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