Business and production plant of  “UM - ING“, company is located within industrial zone of the city of  Zrenjanin at the site of total area of 8000m2. The shape of the site had determined linear, chainlike spatial composition that consists of three halls with appropriate joints among them. The joints mentioned, serve as delivery points equipped with large rolo type doors that are protected against rain and snow by steel frame canopy covered with lexan.

Within the first segment of the complex, business content is located. The complex will be built in three phases of which the first one includes :

Ground floor of total area – 2887,59 m2

First floor  of total area - 259,20 m2

Total indoor floor area - 3146,79 m2

Total floor area under the canopy

(semi opened space) - 28,00 m2

photo archive AGM

coauthors - Marjan Đulinac and Aleksandar Tomić

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