Competition locations, with the designed complexes, become new, active cluster of urban environment which is organically/rhizomically integrated with the rest of the part that refers to. Assembly between the complex unites dictate of system and phenomenon of diversity, underlining relationship between community (collective) and person (individual).

Visual identity of the new environment is achieved through series of readable and spatial codes; architectural form of the complex is shaped in language which, through connection between developed modernism and contemporary expression, results in historical discourse.

Linear morphology of buildings and their spatial relationship are result of location's area and necessary distance for optimum insulation and ventilation. Assembly set allows organisation of different types and sizes of apartments inside one spatial segment. Usual classification of apartments according to the size and structure is redefined; some apartments, different in typology, share the same size, but remain with all living spaces. Resulting areas of apartments are minimal, while individual areas of constructing elements are maximised according to the type.

Places in complex vary in visual identity which defines them, and at the same time stand out their parametric characteristics such as assembly position and the metaphysical, such as association to abstract idea of space – void between upper parts of the building.

coauthor - Aleksandar Tomić
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