25.mart 2010. - Beograd

Property is situated in the Central Bank as a key regulator of the spatial ensemble that complements the urban central area of Banja Luka. In addition, this object is a statement of values in today's architecture and therefore, ultimately an expression of social values and community in which there is a function. All these messages are communicated content, spatial structure, form and materialization of the architectural patterns of the Central Bank. Complementarity of new content in relation to the environment is directly and indirectly, the indirect effect is achieved sociokulturološkim importance of institutions significantly affect the life of every individual in the community, while the immediate impact made each individual the ability to formulate personal opinion that can be built through direct, in their own experience. In this regard, ahitektonski expression is encoded twice, both introvert and transparent, looking for a real relationship closeness, as important characteristics of banking, and openness as ubiquitous demokratičnošću aspirations of urban space. .

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